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A commercial deployment of RunaWFE enterprise business process management systems is available. It is carried out by the Runa Consulting Group partners.

Deployment Partners:

  • ALT Linux Company
    Runa Consulting Group and Alt Linux Company made a contract to collaborate and to become partners concerning distribution of RunaWFE system and end-user services that are connected with distribution.
    ALT Linux issued a specialized boxed edition of Alt Linux that contains RunaWFE system AltLinuxWorkflow.
    Alt Linux included RunaWFE into Sisyphus - the repository of open source programs that are supported by Alt Linux
    Alt Linux published a book on enterprise business process management systems. All examples and illustrations in this book are made using RunaWFE system.

RunaWFE is used not only in business, but also in institutes of higher education for teaching students the business process methodology. That’s why Runa Consulting Group develops a partnership with institutes of higher education.

Partners for Learning:

  • National University of Science and Technology (MISIS)
    Department of Business Informatics and Production Management Systems of MISIS Institute of Economics and Enterprise Management together with Runa Consulting Group developed a one-term long curriculum of learning how to develop business processes on RunaWFE system basis. As for now this curriculum is a part of MISIS learning process.
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