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Notifier configuration guide

Version 4.4.1

© 2015-2020, "Process Technologies" Ltd, this document is available under GNU FDL license. RUNA WFE is an open source system distributed under a LGPL license (

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# Application configuration (

All non-latin values must be set in UTF-8.

Name Description Default value
The type of authentication used via WebServices API. To use login/password authentication set this parameter value to userinput, for Kerberos authentication set value to kerberos or sspiKerberos. userinput
Host name or IP (for server interaction via WebServices API and HTTP) localhost
Port (for server interaction via WebServices API and HTTP) 8080
Server version (is used in URL for interaction via WebServices API) auto (automatically detected)
Server application type is used in URL for interaction via WebServices API:
  • jboss4 - when Jboss 4 is used
  • jboss7 - when Jboss 7 is used
  • auto - application server type is detected automatically and a call to http://server:8080/version is used, that returns one of the values named above (Place version.war alongside with runawfe.ear from File:Determine appserver
Starting page on system start up (browser authentication)
  • / – form for login and password input
  • / – NTLM authentication
  • / - Kerberos authentication
A pause between checks if there are any new tasks (in seconds) 15
A pause between displaying message about new tasks (in seconds) 6
When login/password authentication is used Task Notifier asks for login/password input when it starts. To make authentication automatic (without login/password dialog) this parameter value must be set to true. false
A name that is displayed in user login dialog by default Administrator
A password that is displayed in user login dialog by default wf
Restart when window is closed. To save memory resources it's possible to switch on mode of restarting the application when window is closed (memory used by built-in IE cannot be freed by demand) false
A command for restarting the application, example java -Xmx64m -jar "C:/Program Files/TaskNotifier/RTN.JAR" -
Turns on sound effects on events onAppStart, onAppShutdown, onNewTask. Wav files are located in Task Notifier home directory. They are onAppStart (for application start), onAppShutdown (for application shutdown), onNewTask (for a new task arrival). It's possible to turn off sound effect for any of these events simply by deleting corresponding .wav file. true
A command to start any other application when new task arrives -
A periodical sound announcement about unread tasks (in seconds) 600, popup.newtasks,, user.password, login.message, retry.message, error.login, error.internal,, popup.tease, popup.error,, menu.exit
user message localization

# Authentication configuration

Authentication type selection

Task Notifier authentication consists of 2 parts:

  • Authentication via WebServices API . It is used by Task Notifier to get information about new tasks. (For correct icon to display in the tray and for new task popup messages)
  • Authentication in built-in web browser. It's necessary for correct work of Runa WFE web-interface.

# Kerberos authentication (kerberos)

Create/edit configuration file krb5.ini.

This file must be located in %SystemRoot% and be named krb5.ini.

See detailed instructions for Kerberos configuration

Configuration file example.


Name Description Default value
login module name
login module class
if cache for Kerberos tickets is used true
use keytab file form here C:/krb5.keytab
not to use user input in any case true
authentication debug mode false
SPN (login from server side) HTTP/

# Kerberos authentication (sspiKerberos)

Kerberos protocol is also used for this type of authentication, but ticket is received by Windows OS means and no additional configuration is needed.

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