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Working with Jasper Reports

RunaWFE Free Workflow System (BPMS) Version 4.4.2

© 2015-2021, "Process Technologies" Ltd, this document is available under GNU FDL license. RunaWFE Free is an open source system distributed under a LGPL license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html).

# General description

Support of reports based on XML templates - “Jasper Reports” - was added to RunaWFE version 4.3. An XML template can be prepared by means of special programs, for instance Jaspersoft Studio.

Working with reports

Open the Reports section by clicking the corresponding link in the menu.

JasperReports en1.png

The available reports are displayed in the table.


  • “Deploy” allows to add a new report
  • “View” - to configure table display properties (For more details see Details of table display views )
  • “Permission owners” - to change permissions for the “Reports” section (by default the Reports are available only for the users included in the “Administrators” group)

# Deploying a new report

To add a new report press “Deploy”

JasperReports en2.png

When the form appears, enter the report name, description (optional), select a previously compiled report file (with the .jasper extension), create a new report type or select the existing one.

Press “Analyze”

JasperReports en3.png

If the format of the report is correct, a form will open with the parameters required to build it.

JasperReports en4.png

Fill in the strings in the “Visible to user name” column for each parameter.

Select the type in the drop down list in the “Type” column for each parameter

Also you can set the positions the parameters are displayed and the parameter’s requirements level.

JasperReports en5.png

Click “Deploy”, the new report will be included in the list.

JasperReports en6.png

# Report properties

To change the properties of the existing report use the “Properties” link.

JasperReports en7.png

In addition to parameters in “Properties” you can also set the permission owners for the report (the “Permission owners” link) – here you can set the rights to read, change permissions, deploy/update/remove.

JasperReports en8.png

By default all of this is available only for the users included in the Administrators group.

# Executing a report

In the distribution package of RunaWFE 4.3 you can find an example of a simple report – userTasks, which generates a document with the statistics of the tasks executed by the user if you execute it.

Go to the “Reports” section and click the report name.

JasperReports en9.png

In the parameter value column you are offered to enter a user login and to set the period to gather statistics on.

The generated document can be obtained in one of the following formats: HTML, DOCX, PDF, RTF or EXCEL.

Select the needed report type and press “Build”.

JasperReports en10.png

You will be offered to save the document (the behaviour depends on browser settings).

You can see an example of a generated HTML document below.

JasperReports en11.png