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Using Freemarker

RunaWFE Free Workflow System (BPMS) Version 4.4.2

© 2015-2021, "Process Technologies" Ltd, this document is available under GNU FDL license. RunaWFE Free is an open source system distributed under a LGPL license (

# Overview

Freemarker is a template engine which provides formation of a document on the basis of a template and data.

In the system Freemarker is used

  • in forms like FTL
  • in the contents email-messages

# Syntax for variables display

To see the full syntax address to the official documentation.

Variable type Construct (working with null)
String ${var!""}
Number ${(var?c)!""}
Date ${(var?string["dd.MM.yyyy"])!""}
Time ${(var?string["hh:mm"])!""}
Date-time ${(var?string["dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm"])!""}
Flag ${(var?string("yes", "no"))!""}