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RunaWFE Free Workflow System (BPMS) Version 4.4.2

© 2015-2021, "Process Technologies" Ltd, this document is available under GNU FDL license. RunaWFE Free is an open source system distributed under a LGPL license (

# Last version

# version 4.4.1

General functionality:

  • Internal storage of business objects is implemented
  • Chat of participants of a business process instance is implemented
  • Commands for working with signals have been added to WS API
  • Validation of default values ​have been added
  • The ability to validate parameters of subprocesses and multi-subprocesses at startup have been added

RunaWFE Free Server:

  • Sending a signal from the web interface is implemented
  • The ability to disable the use of rights to object categories added to the settings
  • The rights to reports have been added
  • The ability to compare versions of business processes in the web interface have been added

Graphic Designer:

  • The contextual palette of graphic designer elements has been is expanded.
  • Configuration of script tasks and bots "Word: Generating a DOCX document" is simplified.
  • Configuration of SQL handler is simplified.
  • The possibility of uninterrupted occurrence of events is implemented.
  • Filter by the name of the business process when importing from the server have been added.


  • Options for configuring the task-notifier through the graphical interface is expanded.

# version 4.4.0

Released: XX March 2019

  • Docx handler bug fix (; added table cells vertical merge support
  • Global roles added to Developer Studio
  • Datasources added to Developer Studio
  • Refactored authorization subsystem (use one-to-one between SecuredObjectType and class hierarchy, Permission.UPDATE, ProcessPermission.DELETE_PROCESS, delete view group permission and more)
  • Developer Studio MacOS build support
  • Developer Studio regulations algorithm changed
  • Developer Studio install and update capability added
  • Developer Studio joint form editor (with validation and script)
  • Statistics improved, javamelody update
  • Report handler added
  • BPMN: signal on signal capability
  • Ability to restore cancelled process instance

# version 4.3.0

Released: 14 August 2018

  • Cache improved
  • User-defined type variables were refactored (VariableUserType - > UserType, ComplexVariable - > UserTypeMap)
  • Refactoring of the component forms (FreemarkerTag -> FormComponent) performed
  • Reporting subsystem added
  • Common profiles mechanism implemented
  • The ability to use variables in read mode from another business process extended
  • Work with temporary groups changed
  • Ability to pause business process added
  • The ability to manage transaction boundaries when running business processes added
  • The ability to set conditions on Groovy for Multi-Task item added
  • Extending freemarker added
  • Ability to define a form script at the business process level (form.js) added
  • API method for obtaining the timer process ExecutionService.getProcessJobs added
  • The ability to delete the process definition version if the number of running processes on it is 0 added
  • Configure for hung tasks bots detection added
  • Added value of a selected transition in the global configuration of the validator
  • Added a handler to set the date-time in another process
  • Implemented a mechanism to transfer the task execution time and the timer in case of changing the value of the base variable
  • Added support for Java 8 and Wildfly10
  • Improved the mode shapes in multiple Windows of the browser (in connection with FormComponentSubmissionHandler, FormComponentSubmissionPostProcessor)
  • Added the ability to change the role by administrator
  • Type 'Formatted text' Added
  • Tasks filter settings extended
  • Process filter settings extended
  • Fixed memory leak in form editor
  • Signals implemented
  • "Not interrupting" timers and signals implemented
  • Gantt diagramm improved
  • The possibility to change default value of the BPMN elements size added
  • Support for bigdecimal added
  • "Compact view" option for subprocess added
  • The possibility of name declination based on the file added
  • Added API for loading state of process variables on the specified date
  • Implemented delayed substitution cache
  • Added new user attributes: Department and Position (requires system restart)
  • LDAP subsystem rebuilded
  • Implemented the command to execute the SQL from the form
  • Implemented view tasks of other users
  • Added the handler in BPMN processes
  • Added multiple task delegation
  • The Designer is transferred to Java 8 at the platform eclipse-oxygen (4.7), - improved support for linux, mac
  • Added the ability to customize node colors in BPMN notation in the Designer
  • Added support for variable storage type as an array of bytes, not stored in the database (available in the transaction)
  • The text schedule generation improved in the Designer
  • Added support for categories in the Designer when importing business processes from the server
  • Added a command to switch all incomplete instances to the new version
  • The query configuration handler made multi-line SQL editor
  • Password in the connection settings with the server is hidden
  • Bugfix: in the handler, Groovy monitored not all situations are the changes in variables
  • Added the ability to hide menus in the web interface
  • "Select from list" and "Select from group members" form components has been changed
  • Possibility of business process diagram export added to the Designer
  • Fixed problems with drawing routes of control points on the process graph
  • Added components for entering and displaying a list of user variables
  • Implemented transactional composition with the special bots behavior
  • added color to tasks transitions

# version 4.2.2

Released:"'20 January 2016"'

  • Building a list of tasks bug fixed.
  • Added the ability to perform special tasks by the administrator
  • A new criterion of substitution added
  • Storage variables of type List changed from BLOB to component model
  • Ability to access BP variables from form script added
  • Ability to use variables in read mode from another business process added
  • Ability to configure handlers, called on completion of business process added
  • Add a handler to merge DOCX files
  • Access to variables and roles now is possible by the script name
  • Added ability to update business process definition of any version (to fix errors)
  • Added the ability to update the version of the business process instance to any of the existing ones
  • Added page with view versions of BP definition of the statistics of the instances of BP
  • DOCX handler can call code now
  • The default settings for the palette elements are set in the DevStudio settings
  • TaskService API created

# Version 4.2.1

Released: 24 September 2015

  • BPMN: Multitask added
  • cache errors fixed

# Version 4.2.0

Released on 29 June 2015

  • Added form components for variables of list of user types
  • Email handler syntax has been extended
  • Bot station autostart mode introduced (on system startup)
  • Form editor components UI improved
  • BPMN editor Undo - Redo now supported (partly)
  • Added dynamic settings through web-interface and windows-installer
  • Added task delegation feature
  • DOCX to PDF handler feature added. test mode
  • ExecutionContext now available in groovy handler code
  • User type support improved
  • LDAP authentication fixed
  • Extended process audit in raw tables (disabled by default)
  • Excel support improved
  • Sequentical execution mode added to bot tasks
  • Added form components: Choose string from list, Choose relation name
  • Jboss4 support has been finished
  • CKeditor4 set as default in form editor
  • Email transactional and guaranteed delivery for email sending handler
  • Auto-invocation of bot tstation on bot task assignment
  • Form editor components images now generated dynamically and can contain parameter info
  • Form editor components can be disabled by other plugin
  • File variable external storage added
  • Added ability to upgrade process definition to next version
  • Added ability to remove finished process from system
  • New formula function: random
  • Added ability to load multiple files in bot station
  • Added trusted authentication
  • Added ability to use transition name in validators
  • Added ability to get new and old variable values in validators
  • Added ability to import and export projects from file system

# Version 4.1.2

Released on 29 Jule 2014

# Version 4.1.1

Released on 21 April 2014

  • almost all entities now have CREATE_DATE column in database
  • changed message handling to multithreaded architecture
  • forms are now able to edit and display complex variables
  • moved timers from Spring to EJB transaction management (due to bug with Hibernate current session in nested transactions).
  • escalation configuration can use relations
  • Developer Studio (gpd) maven build based on Tycho
  • MultiSubProcess discriminator refactored
  • MultiTask discriminator can be group or relation now

# Version 4.1.0

Released on 9 February 2014

  • added function IsExecutorInGroup() to FormulaActionHandler
  • fixed bug with history record type when completing task by substitution
  • added SelectFromList tag, MultipleSelectFromList tag
  • GPD: server connector changed to by default
  • add new element "Embedded Subprocess"
  • added process definition property AccessType = { Process | OnlySubprocess }
  • added new form type "quick" based on templates
  • highlight completed multi process instances on parent process graph
  • added process graph context history, configurable
  • GPD: added ability to copy forms
  • added handler for asynchronous tasks cancellation
  • added handler for expending groups (conversion from List(Executor) to List(Actor))
  • Added file input ajax tag, configurable
  • GPD: added form CSS templates
  • new feature: import and export whole system configuration (except process instances)
  • added user defined variables
  • added new variable format ProcessIdFormat for process reference
  • added form editor option: CKeditor to 4.3.1
  • added process permission handler

# Version 4.0.6

Released on 10 October 2013

  • fixed error about marking task as read in case of multiple executors
  • wfe-alfresco project moved to proxies for referenced properties and associations
  • Business calendar refactoring
  • improved "strict-mode" in Word bot
  • process definition can embed template for docx and xlsx handlers
  • process errors: ability to download required files for technical support
  • added TestNG tests
  • tasks notifier build ported to maven
  • tasks notifier uses WebServices API (so added jboss7 support)
  • extended syntax for Docx handler template document ()
  • changes in bot subsystem: ParamBasedVariableProvider for extended tasks; removed CDATA for XML configs
  • extended Docx templates syntax: improved tables, added loops, ability to use maps

# Version 4.0.5

Released on 12 August 2013

  • added performance log category for long running service operations
  • WebServices API change: variable methods moved to ru.runa.wfe.service.decl.ExecutionServiceRemoteWS
  • bot subsystem: formal parameters can be defined in configuration as param:parameterName
  • now container types "List" and "Map" are typed
  • added tag "Edit linked lists"
  • web: display user status despite of UPDATE_STATUS permission
  • added ajax command framework for advanced forms
  • web: unified required fields in system
  • relations: added adminscript operations, tags, handlers
  • API change: added ru.runa.wfe.service.ExecutionService.updateVariables(User, Long, Map<String, Object>)
  • add READ_LOG permission
  • added variables strong typing
  • unified tag for forms

# Version 4.0.4

Released on 21 June 2013

# Version 4.0.3

Released on 24 May 2013

  • javamelody included in distributive by default
  • JPDL: added element "Junction"
  • BrowserFunction used for visual form editor

# Version 4.0.2

Released on 30 April 2013

  • fixed error when creating relation
  • timeout transition can have arbitrarily name [1]
  • ported integration tests from version 3
  • BPMN: element "End token" aligned with specification

# Version 4.0.1

Released on 4 April 2013

  • added proxies for file variables
  • added search by string value for variables of any type
  • added TTL for messages used in "SendMessage" and "ReceiveMessage" elements
  • AjaxFreemarkerTag: added JSON support
  • process errors: view stack traces in web interface
  • ajaxified batch presentation filters
  • JavaScript handlers added
  • added grouping by subprocesses in processes list
  • performance improved in authorization subsystem (additional indexes)
  • BPM_TASK now contains only active tasks

# Version 4.0.0

Released on March 2013

Version 3 was deep refactored.

The most significant changes:

  • core engine code changed (former jbpm3), DB structure simplified
  • moved to Spring framework
  • added support for executable BPMN
  • added support for Jboss7
  • build moved from ant to maven
  • process editor moved from Eclipse 3.4 to Eclipse 3.7
  • moved from BSH to Groovy
  • Java API moved from EJB2 to EJB3
  • WebServices API is synchronized with Java API