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A Guide to Version Upgrade of a Process Being Executed

RunaWFE Free Workflow System (BPMS) Version 4.4.2

© 2015-2021, "Process Technologies" Ltd, this document is available under GNU FDL license. RunaWFE Free is an open source system distributed under a LGPL license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html).

# General Information

Upgrade of a version of an executing process to another version may be useful, for example, for correcting blocking errors. However, pay attention to the following note:

Version upgrade may cause unpredictable errors in case a new process definition differs greatly from the current one..

The parameter responsible for this feature - 'upgrade.process.to.definition.version.enabled is in the system.properties general settings file and since RunaWFE version 4.3.0 is set as true. So, in version 4.3.0 this feature is turned on by default.

# An illustration of upgrading one specific BP example to another version of process definition

Go to process definition properties, in the “Version” field the current version of the BP example is shown. Next to it there is an “Upgrade to definition version” link for version upgrade.

UpgradeVersion en1.png

If you click the link, a table with the information on the available BP versions, which you can upgrade the current example to.

UpgradeVersion en2.png

Select the necessary version and press “Ok”. On the screenshot below you can see that the current version of the BP example is “7”. The administrator chose version “5” to upgrade to.

UpgradeVersion en3.png

If the upgrade is successful, the user will receive a corresponding message.

UpgradeVersion en4.png

# An illustration of upgrading all examples of specific BP version being executed to another version

Open “Start process” menu entry, go to BP definition properties.

UpgradeVersion en5.png

In the “Process definition” section the current version of the definition is shown. In the example above it is “8”.

In the “Process name” field there is a “History” link, which allows to open a page with detailed information on uploaded versions of this BP definition.

UpgradeVersion en6.png

The table has “Name”, “Version”, “Description”, “Process type”, “Create date”, Created by”, “Update date”, “Updated by” and “Processes count” columns.

In the “Processes count” column “number of unfinished”/”total number” of BP examples having this version is shown.

To go to definition properties of a specific version use the “Properties” link of the corresponding string.

Let us consider an example of upgrade of all the “Action” BP examples being executed with version “2” to a new definition version.

Open BP definition history, go to version “2” properties. The “Redeploy process definition” section is designed for uploading a new BP version.

UpgradeVersion en7.png

Press “Browse” and select a *.par process file. Enable the “Upgrade current version” option. It will allow you to upgrade the definition of the selected version (in this case version “2”) instead of uploading it as a next new version.

UpgradeVersion en8.png

Press “Redeploy process definition”.

UpgradeVersion en9.png

The definitions of all the “Action” BP examples with version “2” being executed will be upgraded.

UpgradeVersion en10.png